Harhama Games was established in 2019 in Helsinki. Our core team consists of producer, Ph.D. Miia Seppänen and screenwriter Lea Kalenius. We are both multimanaging different fields from game design to poetry, but also looking for new skills on board. In April 2019, AVEK granted us a funding which enabled us to kick off a mobile AR (augmented reality) game project, called Last Days of Algoth. In 2019 we started in a Farm League (game incubator in Helsinki) and became part of the XR Center Helsinki. 2D and 3D animator practiser Valtteri Pietiläinen and game designer Kristiina Misikangas have also worked with us.   

“We want to create story-driven adventure games and bring authentic stories, places and history visible with augmented, virtual and mixed reality. “


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