We make meaningful games of silenced stories that attract your curiosity to understand and feel more deeply of yourself, of your history and your culture.

Picture Lahti 1979Our indie game studio was established in 2019 in Helsinki. Our core team has a multidisciplinary background in culture and poetry but also in technology and science. This gives us exceptional creativity to make Narrative Games with augmented reality in mobiles.  We collaborate with highly talented developers and artists around the globe for making awesome games for your demanding taste! 

Our first game Last Days of Algoth is based on a real person who lived in the 1900s, writer and journalist Algoth Untola (also known as Irmari Rantamala and Maiju Lassila). Miia, our producer, has been buzzing around Algoth for years, producing an exhibition and writing a book about this mysterious man. She thinks that Algoth´s story must be told – in a game.

Our other game  Lost Script is a spin-off for the Last Days of Algoth which dives into a true mystery of a missing manuscript. There might have been a third sequel for the monstrous book of Harhama – but what happened to it? We have spent countless hours in archives and now we are opening our findings to everybody…

Our third title (estimated kick-off for the development is 12/2020) is called Destination Finland. It is essentially a mixture of rumbustious 80s style and shameless promotion of cultural diversity. We have only one message: immigrant in Finland – you are in the right place! 

Our newest game Operation Fenix is – surprise surprise! –  a PC/Console video game mixing open-world exploration in interactive 3D-modelled scenes and 1979´s Lahti city (in Finland) to the retro-styled open world. Main character, Fenix, is a private investigator whose life has strong ties to the ongoing murder investigation. While the main quest relates to solving the entangled crime, the real mystery might be Fenix himself.

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We hope you have fun and meaningful moments with our games!