Last Days of Algoth

Augmented reality (AR) mobile game

Experience a true historical story of writer and journalist Algoth Untola and help him to survive in Helsinki during the Finnish Civil War in 1918. Find out was he a warmonger or peace dove. The estimated release for the first episode of the game is in the end of 2020. Our work is supported by The Promotion Center for Audiovisual Culture, AVEK.

Lost ScriptLost Script

Augmented reality (AR) mobile game

Our other game  Lost Script is a spin-off mini-game for the Last Days of Algoth which dives into a true mystery of a missing manuscript. There might have been a third sequel for the monstrous book of Harhama – but what happened to it? We have spent countless hours in archives and now we are opening our findings to everybody. The estimated release for this AR mystery room mini-game is the end of 2020. 

Destination FinlandDestination Finland

Our third title is called Destination Finland. It is essentially a mixture of rumbustious 80s style and shameless promotion of cultural diversity. We have only one message: immigrant in Finland – you are in the right place! The estimated kick-off for the development is 12/2020. Our work is supported by Arts Promotions Centre Finland, Taike.



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