• Graphic designer Eeva Tötterström started to work with us in Destination Finland project in March 2021. She really brings our game characters to live! Follow our new concept art in Harhama Games Twitter and FB!
  • Concept art for Destination Finland, our Funntopia train conductor “Sepi” by Eeva Tötterström.

    We are proud to say that we got the teaser for Operation Fenix ready, as well as the narrative for the Episode 1! Along this, we are part of a working group designing a concept for Algoth Virtual Museum (thumbs up for getting funding for this beautiful initiative) and finishing the narrative and game design for the Destination Finland. We also welcome Elina, our first BA thesis worker on board for the next few months. She will be focused on game design aspects for the Destination Finland. We are also getting an enhancement from a game artist, but that we will reveal later 🙂

  • We are currently looking for a production funding for Last Days of Algoth, a narrative AR mobile game diving deep into a Finnish Civil War era in 1918. We are also preparing game design for a mobile game “Destination Finland” promoting cultural diversity in a light-hearted spirit!
  • We opened our brand new online store at Spreadshirt. We welcome everybody to support our work by buying our carefully selected merchandises. Mugs, t-shirts, bags… all with our awesome game graphics!
  • In November 2020, we got a concept grant from AVEK to prepare a conceptual design for a narrative game “Operation Fenix”. We established an unusual script writing team called Dakase (Dannenberg, Kalenius and Seppänen) to do this unusual but extremely juicy piece of art!
  • In August 2020, under strict Corona-restrictions and instructions, our experienced film crew with the main actor Tuomas Tulikorpi and several assistants did an amazing job in in cut-scene film shootings to bring the script of the games alive! Thanks again AVEK and AaltoStudios Roihupelto.
  • In July 2020, we started the technical development of Last Days of Algoth, starting with creating the virtual AR environment where everything happens in the game! We hope to get the first episode out in October 2020!
Jennie Mariani-Cerati / Harhama Games
Cut-scene film shootings of Last Days of Algoth. Photo: Jennie Mariani-Cerati.
  • In August 2020, we started collaboration with the Lahti Poetry Marathon to plan an astonishing AR virtual show for their 40th anniversary year in 2022! We love poetry and connecting games, AR and poetry would be the dream project!
  • Our Digital Marketing Strategist Mervi Leinonen landed to our team in July 2020. Among other things, she has been expanding our digital presence from Twitter to Facebook and online store in Spreadshirt!
  • In June 2020 we had sound recordings at AaltoStudios Otaniemi (with AVEK/AaltoStudios grant). Thanks to highly talented sound technician Pasi Pelkonen and voice-over actors for giving our games an amazing sound world!
  • We developed an easy AR platform “QLAR” for arts and culture people to share their contents, thanks Business Finland grant and our technical development team for pushing the project done! This work is followed by a funding round in autumn 2020 together with a Lahti Poetry Marathon organization.
  • In March 2020 we started collaboration with Espoo City Theatre to produce a AR mystery room mini-game called Lost Script. It is about the lost manuscript of the monstrous Harhama that author Algoth Untola (the main character in our other game, Last Days of Algoth). The manuscript went missing after his death – where is it? We decided to find the truth and promote it together with their Harhama play (premiere in 15th of September 2020).
  • In March 2020, we got a grant from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (TAIKE) to make a game concept and visual mock-up for promoting diversity. A working title “Destination Finland” is essentially a mixture of rumbustious 80s style and shameless promotion of cultural diversity. We have only one message: immigrant in Finland – you are in the right place!
  • In 2019, we participated in a Farm League game incubator in Helsinki and worked as a part of the XR Center Helsinki. We participated in XR fair in November 2019 as well as appeared in a short news clip in national broadcasting news YLE.
  • We also attended – and still do – actively to Women in Games mentoring and International Games Developers Association, IGDA Finland programs, as well as Living Game Intelligence Network, LGIN together with other starting game studios.
  • We are in-kind supporting a to-be-started academic research about the possibilities of XR in music learning (University of Helsinki).
  • In April 2019, Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture and Ministry of Education and Culture (AVEK/OKM) granted us DigiDemo funding which enabled us to kick off a mobile AR (augmented reality) game project, called Last Days of Algoth.


So exciting 🤩 A Finnish writer and journalist Algoth Untola (1868–1918) has been transformed into a character in a…

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