Harhama games loves poetry! 

Harhama Games took it’s first steps actually not in pure games but with an initiative where we wanted to make an AR Poetry Route in the City of Helsinki! We didn’t get funding for that idea but instead kicked-off the Last Days of Algoth – and the rest is…now!

While developing interesting narrative games, we have continued our fight to make new kinds of concepts that mix poetry and games.

We bounced back and forward our ideas in Finnish Arts Promotion Centre “Arts and digitalization” program in 2020, and in 2021 we have continued to brainstorm better and bolder concepts to bring poetry into new dimensions – the position where it belongs in the world!

For example, to celebrate one Finnish poet, Uuno Kailas (who has a 120 anniversary this year), we designed a concept for  “Kailas the Wordhunter” where his deep and beautiful poems were combined in an endless runner poetry game!

In our newest game Operation Fenix  our main character also writes poems!

Would you like to join?

We continue to raise money for mixing poetry and games, would you like to join us? Do you have a poet you would like to make a game with us? Let’s have a chat! Together we can make amazing things for all poetry lovers!

Here some of our drafts: